Legends of Belize, Sisimita, is a scary female similar to bigfoot believed to roam the jungles of Belize.


There are monsters of scary stories and nightmares but in Belize, Central America, there are terrifying legends about creatures that roam the jungles and waters.

We, Dismas and GrissyG, remember the warnings told to us by our grandparents and elders about horrifying creatures, when growing up in Belize.

Some stories were about an encounter with a hideous gnome who protects the jungles and is known to rip your thumbs off, other stories were about a seduction from a shape-shifting demon that would take you into the jungle to end your life. As Artists of the 21st century we collaborated to document and share the myths of our culture in a series titled: Legends of Belize.

Born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America, we met in 1999 in art class while earning our Associates Degree at Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) in Sylmar, California. In 2003 during Painting class taught by Barbara Kerwin, studio Arts chairwoman at LAMC, we began the series titled Legends of Belize. To develop Legends of Belize, information was compiled from childhood memories of tales, books, Internet research, and interviews with family, and fellow Belizeans. Sketchbooks were filled with our concept drawings to develop the mythic creatures with visual clues and iconography of our Belizean culture. Art logos also incorporate each individual myth and the series in graphic text form. We collaborated both conceptually and physically to sculpt and paint the creatures in our unique styles and mediums to bring the myths into this century like never before.

Legends of Belize is a series of 14 paintings, 15 graphic art logos, 14 descriptions, 2 books, and currently in production; animation and films, which capture and document the Belizean mythological creatures that have taught, scared, and intrigued people for many generations.



According to legend, a little man called Tata Duende, with backwards feet, no thumbs, and a big red hat, protects the forest and animals in Belize, Central America.

Discover more about Tata Duende, Xtabai, Llorona, Bruja, and other fairytales, folklore, and mythology from Belize. Belizean mythic creatures are captured in detailed art with cultural symbols, landmarks, and animals, documented and preserved by Belizean Artists, Dismas and GrissyG.

“Legends of Belize” is a fascinating, scary, informative and cultural experience for everyone.

Legends of Belize Books available in print and ebooks

Book Reviews

“...This latest presentation of Belize legends, myths, and stories just proves how firmly they have remained in our universal psyche. What GrissyG and Dismas have done is to use the backgrounds to pinpoint the specific locations in Belize and that is so unique. This is a wonderful addition to our very limited collection of Belize-oriented literature.”
Araceli “Lita” Hunter Krohn,
Belizean Educator and Historian.
“I liked how you said one purpose for the existence of these characters is to make young and old more careful how they live their lives and help them avoid trouble and horrors befalling them...Good work.”
Tom Tenowich
Writer/Producer of TV series “Saved By The Bell” and “Mork and Mindy”

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Discover Tata Duende, a legendary jungle gnome and other ancient Central American mythology from Belize with an entertaining and educational slide show and presentation titled, “Legends of Belize.” Learn about Belizean landmarks, iconography, and the importance of mythology in culture.

The Legends of Belize slide show and presentation is a fascinating and educational topic for your audience. We also provide presentations at keynote speaking events, paranormal conventions, museums, galleries and more.

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About the Artists


GrisDismation was established in 2003, as a collaborative signature between GrissyG and Dismas to produce out of the ordinary art, books, and films that fascinate, inspire, and entertain. With over a decade of research and dedication learning about Belize culture and folklore, they have become experts in the field of Belizean mythology. 

Dismas and GrissyG
Dismas and GrissyG
Authors of two books on the mythical creatures of Belize, they have presented at Universities and schools since 2004 in California and Belize. The Legends of Belize series have captured the interest of many in addition to the Daily News in Los Angeles, California, Channel 5, and Love TV/FM News in Belize, and was also featured in a documentary airing worldwide.

GrisDismation makes original animation, from concept to completion, specializing in hand drawn 2D Digital animation. Need an animation for your next big project?  From indie films to commercials, music videos, and more, contact us to make it happen.